Spring is here and the Offshore Fishery is starting!

We are now transitioning into a spring pattern in our local fishery.   After a productive winter fishery in Howe Sound and the inner reaches of English Bay, the offshore fishery has started. Over the last week there has been decent numbers of fish showing up out in the deep!  This trend will continue and the fishing should continue to improve in coming weeks.

We have been focusing our efforts around most of the traditional early Spring spots.  The Bell Buoy, Cowan Point, Cape Roger Curtis, the Hump and the QA Marker have all had fish depending on the day.  This fishery should continue to improve as it is still quite early.  This fishery usually peaks between the middle of April and the end of May.   We have been spending increasingly less time in Howe Sound as most of the winter fish are now pushing out to the deeper waters.

Now is the time that covering water can be key to success as these fish are roaming in the deep looking for pockets of bait.  Pay attention to tide lines, bait on your sounder, and fish the  tide changes.  Once  you hit a fish or two, it is always worth working that area for a bit if you can get a pattern going.    Spoons, hootchies and anchovies will all work this time of  year.   We have had some good results on Skinny G and G Force Spoons.  Good patterns have been the Herring Aide, Killy Mcgee, Trailhead, Bon Chovy and Outfitter.    The Guide Series Flashers wiith the UV tape have been good in the murkier water.  The Madi, Bon Chovy, STS and Lemon Lime have been effective as usual.

Give us a  call to get out on the water!   The Spring fishery is one of our best of the year.

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