Vancouver Fishing Charter Update - Covid 19 - April 28th, 2020

Bon Chovy Fishing Charters is following provincial Covid 19 guidelines and as result we suspended operations on March 20th/2020 until further notice.  We are looking forward to getting back out on the water and getting adjusted to the "new normal" soon.    The safety of our guests and our guides is our number one priority and we will be resuming charter operations once the Province of British Columbia gives us the  ok.   We are anticipating that we will have a summer fishing season, we just do not have a firm date when it will start.     We are taking a fluid and flexible approach to this season and we are currently taking charter reservations.   If you would like to make a booking, we are making this easy as possible and we are not taking deposits.
On the fishing front,  for those that are following Covid fishing protocals, we have heard that there has been lots of chinook salmon around in local waters .   Local anglers fishing with family have reported excellent catch and release action off the South End of Bowen Island, the QA Marker,  and over on the Gulf Island's.    This is the time of year where the fish move off the structure and move out in to the deeper waters.    The reason for this transition is because of the plankton and algae bloom that happens every year in local waters.    The longer, warmer days and the influence of the Fraser River freshet cause these blooms.  The crystal clear winter waters have been replaced by  murky algae and plankton rich water. There is lots of food around and sticklebacks, anchovies, herring and salmon are all drawn to these productive waters.   
This time of year, we primarily like to run spoons that immitate the sticklebacks, herring and anchovies that are in the offshore waters off the South End of Bowen and the Gulf Island's.    Gibbs Delta Trailhead, Bon Chovy, Herring Aide and No Bananas spoons (Skinny G and G Force) are solid colours this time of year.   Silver Horde spoons in the same size range in the Killy Mcgee, Irish Cream and the  Kitchen Sink patterns are good bets as well.  Try trolling these spoons between 80 feet and 160 feet on Vancouver side, and 120 to 180 feet on the Gulf Island side.

 Here is fun video from a couple springs ago.  Can't wait to get back on the water!     Thanks to for putting the video together!

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