Spring Fishing Update- April 20th

Spring is here and our offshore chinook fishery is now in full swing!    We have enjoyed some very good fishing over the last few days.   We are hoping  that things will continue!   Areas like the Bell Buoy, Cowan Point, Cape Roger Curtis and the Hump, the Gulf Island's, and the QA have all seen good periods of activity.   This offshore fishery in local waters should continue for the next 5 to 6 weeks.  After that we will likely focus most of our efforts over on the Gulf Island side!

Vancouver Fishing Charter Limit Catch

Now is the time of year to start we start running a bit more bait and hootchies in addition to our spoons. We usually run 4 rods and mix things up a bit to find the depth the fish are feeding and biting at.  Usually the fish will be between 75 to 150 feet, but there are years where we get them as shallow as 40 feet and as deep as 200 feet (especially on the Gulf Island's side).    Good bets for spoons are the G Force  No Bananas, Bon Chovy,  Trailhead and Outfitter.  Skinny G's will also work in the same patterns.   Glow Yamashita hootchies like the Blood and Bones, Chartreuse and Green Spackleback, and the plain glow are good ones as well.  The Guide Series Flashers will also be key in the murky water with the UV and Glow really making a difference. 

When fishing out on the deep water it is often necessary to cover some area to find the fish and the bait.  Once you hit a fish or two, it is often a good idea to keep on working that area to see if you can keep hitting them.  Pay attention to the way the currents are going as the fish will often move with the current.   Quite often you will get more bites going with the current than against it.  Looking for tide lines is also a good idea. The deep sea fishing in Vancouver in the spring can often involve a lot of searching but it can frequently result in some fast and explosive action if things come together!

As we progress into May and June, we will likely see our Gulf Island's fishery really heat up!  In fact, we have already seen some very encouraging fishing over there already.   Because of the often excellent fishing over on the Gulf Island's in May and June, we recommend booking full day charters for the next 2 months as it is possible to make the run across the if weather and fishing conditions permit!

Sturgeon fishing has also been very good on the Fraser River.  The cool spring we have had so far has kept the river in excellent shape and the fishing productive.  Most of the fish are in the 3 to 6 foot range, but there is some larger ones being caught, and always the chance at a monster!
Sturgeon Fishing Vancouver

Give us a call or send us an email to get out on the water!   There will be the odd slow day, but there should be lot's of good ones based on what we have seen over the last few days!

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